A registered nurse performing a biometric screening.
A registered nurse performing a biometric screening.

At ADKHW, we raise awareness about the health of the community.

Our corporate wellness screenings are geared to help keep your employees healthy by providing them with valuable information on possible current or potential medical issues. 

Our registered nurses will provide your employees with confidential screening results and individualized education on improving their health.

Employers know that a healthier workforce brings higher productivity, fewer sick days, and lower health insurance costs.

On-site Screenings


Corporate screenings are a great way for you to support your employees' health and strengthen your company's culture.  Screenings encourage healthier employees and empower them with the knowledge needed to live healthy lives.

  • Lipid panel which includes HDL, LDL, Glucose, Triglycerides & total cholesterol
  • Blood Pressure Measurements
  • Body Composition Analysis (body percentages, BMI, metabolic age, bone density)
  • A1c (a blood test used to diagnose type 1 and type 2 diabetes)

Health Fairs

Corporate health fairs are a way to highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle for your employees. We can help you create an interactive worksite health fair that will engage, emphasize health education, and bring awareness and change to personal health practices. 

  • Screenings
  • Health-related topics
  • Lunch & Learn educational programs
  • Chair massage
  • Reflexology

If you're a large organization (200+ people) looking to host a multi-vendor health fair but don't know where to start, ADKHW can help. Message us now to find out more.

Let us raise your community's awareness

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