Wellness In the Workplace

Keeping up with your health will help you live a happy and fulfilling life. Implementing employee wellness programs in the workplace has recently become a staple in many corporations. Studies show that wellness programs not only keep your employees healthy and happy, they increase productivity and decrease employee turnover. There are simple things you can add to your office’s daily routine that will help you keep you and your employees’ health in check.

Here are a few ways you can keep your office healthy this fall:

1. Healthy snacks. Stock your company kitchen with healthy snacks like fresh fruit, veggie platters, or granola bars. Providing an alternative will help promote healthy eating habits. Host a company potluck once a month where employees bring in a nutritious dish.

2. Standing desk. Investing in standing desks might be what your company needs to increase energy and productivity throughout the day. Sitting all day can have harmful effects on your health. Breaking up workplace sitting with standing can help decrease fatigue.

3. Prevent illness. The best way to stay protected against illness is by staying up to date on your immunizations. Encourage everyone in your workplace to keep up with vaccinations. ADKHW offers onsite clinics where we come to you at your convenience. To schedule your corporate clinic today, click here.

4. Outdoor meetings. Host company meetings outside to help get employees moving. Walking to an outdoor meeting location instead of sitting at a conference table can have significant health benefits.

Adirondack Health & Wellness offers a wide variety of wellness services including:

To schedule a wellness service for your office, call (518)866-8251 or visit our website at Providing your employees with the tools they need to lead a healthy life, leads to higher productivity. Help your employees take charge of their health today!

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