Start Thanking your Coworkers

It is mental health awareness month! A great way to benefit the mindset and performance of employees in the workplace is by keeping a gratitude journal.

The month of May is mental health awareness month. A great way to help relieve stress and contribute to your overall mental health is by keeping a gratitude journal. Adirondack Health & Wellness bought gratitude journals for their employees in order to heighten awareness in the workplace. 

Exchanges among employees in the workplace may be limited to expressing gratitude. By simply saying “thank you” to co-workers, you are practicing good mental health skills and encouraging them to feel more motivated in their everyday tasks. Keeping a gratitude journal can help reduce stress, increase productivity in the workplace, and bring a sense of community and satisfaction in your job. Grateful people are found to be in better moods, as it helps maintain a positive attitude throughout the day.

What is a Gratitude Journal?

A gratitude journal is a blank book, with each page numbered by days. The goal is to write a few things that you are thankful for each day. Try to focus on non-material things, such as relationships, abilities, situations, or experiences. One example of a situation would be writing about a conversation that you had with a coworker that left a positive impact on your day. 

When should I write in my Gratitude Journal?

There are no guidelines regarding how often you should write in your journal. However, writing something down each day is helpful in keeping a positive attitude. Some find it helpful to write when they first wake up while having their cup of coffee to help jump start the day. Others prefer to write an entry before they go to bed, as a way to sift through their thoughts from the day. The way you choose to write in your journal is up to you, as it is based on personal preference. The options are endless 

Ways to get the office involved:

Our mission:

It’s our mission at ADKHW to help companies improve the health of their employees. We believe that healthy employees are happy, more productive, have more energy at work, which equates to a healthier bottom line. Everyone can benefit from positive reinforcement, especially when it comes to making a lifestyle change. This is why we believe that having gratitude journals in the workplace will benefit the mindset and performance of not only our employees but yours too.

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