Nursing the Nurses- Seek balance for others & Self-care

Most nurses enjoy taking care of others, it’s what drew them into their profession and provides satisfaction throughout their careers, to varying degrees. Nurses learn to be compassionate and provide care for patients, but who’s caring for nurses when their fuel needs to be replenished?

Nursing is a job that requires hard work, discipline, and the emotional resilience to help patients. Nursing has always been a stressful career, but between today’s demanding productivity goals nurses are faced with unprecedented levels of job stress. In such situations, self-sacrifice is often taken to unhealthy extremes. Nurses who practice effective self-care provide better care, have longer careers and are more satisfied with their work and their personal lives. Self-care, of course, involves all the things nurses tell their patients to do – exercise, eat well, sleep well and be an advocate yourself. When you take care of yourself through proper nursing wellness, support yourself, help yourself, and rest for you, you can absolutely offer better nursing care to another human being. So don’t forget nurses, your health is just as important as your patient’s health!

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