Coloring Is More Than Just Something To Pass The Time

Have you ever tried coloring to relieve stress? Check out our blog to learn why coloring may help calm you down!

Traditionally, coloring is a famous pastime for children. They always get excited to be creative and they are proud when the masterpiece is complete. But, can coloring also make adults feel the same way?

Recently, coloring has become a popular activity for adults. Huffington Post says that coloring can provide relaxation by lowering the activity of the amygdala. This is the part of your brain that is involved in controlling emotion that is affected by stress. If this part of the brain’s activity gets lowered, then one can start feeling more stress-free. Coloring also reduces stress by having your brain focus on the activity of coloring and not the chaos going on around you.

Medical Daily said that art has a healing power along with these four benefits:

Coloring can come in handy in hectic situations, especially at work. Instead of taking breaks by the coffee machine and talking to your coworkers, you can grab your coloring book and some colored pencils and color your stress away. Coloring is an inexpensive and efficient way to help reduce and relieve some of your stress.

Do you want to try coloring to relieve your stress levels? You can buy them online at Amazon, Walmart, Michaels or Target. Happy Coloring!

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