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Wellness At Work!

Wellness at Work

Many people are spending most of their day sitting at a desk or inside an office; implementing health programs inside the workplace has become a vital piece of a healthy lifestyle. A workplace health program is a health promotion activity or organization-wide policy designed to support healthy behaviors and improve health outcomes while at work. These programs consist of activities such as health education and coaching, weight management programs, medical screenings, on-site fitness programs, and more. Here at Adirondack Health and wellness we have hosted a few “wellness at work” programs but the most recent was Yoga at the workplace. According to the American Osteopathic Association Yoga- Increases flexibility, Increases muscle strength and tone, Improves respiration, energy and vitality, maintains a balanced metabolism, helps Weight reduction, Cardio and circulatory health, improved athletic performance and Protection from injury. Yesterday was my first time attending our on-site Yoga class, and I enjoyed it. It felt great to get away from my desk and computer to do some “gentle stretches”.

Not to worry if you can’t have an instructor come to your workplace- you can still get the same great benefits of yoga without an instructor. Check out this quick you tube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VLw2sjvuNU to learn more.


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