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The Importance of CPR

The importance of knowing CPR is priceless!  In 2014,  Adirondack Health & Wellness trained over 1,500 Price Chopper employees, 75 Global Foundries employees, and 300 employees at various corporations around the Capital Region. Because of these trainings we were able to charitably donate AED units to local youth sports leagues through our partnership with the Hearts of New York.

Preforming CPR helps maintain vital blood flow to the heart and brain and increases the amount of time that an electric shock from a defibrillator can be effective. This can double a victim’s chance of survival. So take the challenge, if you don’t know CPR- learn CPR and gain the confidence in knowing that if you are ever needed, you too can save a life! 

We are now booking corporate CPR trainings – learn more and sign up today!

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